Geyikciler Construction Company

The first generation founder Mehmet Geyikci has made a clean start in 1967 and established Construction Company. From 1967 to 2000 Our company was a subcontractor. Between 2000-2007 we have been served as a subconstructor in Construction.

Since 2007 with the rise in construction projects we have been started as a self constructar with the name of Geyikciler Company. Within years Geyikciler Company becomes a sector leader. Geyikciler is constructing Factories, Research Centers, Educational Facilities, Warehouse Constructions, Logistics constructions, Infrastructures and Office and Administrative Buildings.

Till 2018 Geyikciler Company constructs 723.000 meter square construction are. and 35 kilometers of infrasturcture. Till 2017 Geyikciler Company established GYK construction which is a sector leader of public constructions.


Besides Construction Geyikciler Company creates an oliveoil brand EFEOGULLARI AGRICULTURE which has 300 decares producing 50.000 kg of organic oliveoil.


Geyikciler Company has made a start in Romania in 2019 which is constructing 85.000 Meter square Starch Factory and aims for the leadership of construction in Europe with the brand name OPELLA CONSTRUCTION.

Our Commitment

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Our History

  • 1967 - Founded by Mehmet Geyikci Subconstructor
  • 2000 - Self Constructor
  • 2004 - TEK YAPI Construction
  • 2007 - Geyikciler Construction
  • 2019 - OPELLA Construction